Dapper Updates Blog

Dapper V2.09 In development

We have added a bunch of stuff to this build: (Available to download now from our site)

Detection of disconnecting DAP drives in order to warn you better.

Window title display that shows current total progress, %done and a MB/s transfer rate indicator

Slider operation has been reversed too be a little more intuitive - slide the slider where you want most data.

Dapper V2.08 accepted by Apple.

New functionality:

  Auto detect changes in iTunes

  Fixed bugs

This is a big update - to Build 3213 - that changes how we save settings and re-does how we do multithreading.

It also changes how we access the iTunes data, (outside the normal process) which will take some time for us to appeal and get through  Apple’s process... but will significantly reduce bugs.

Dapper updated in the App Store. 2.07

App store has been updated to 2.07 build 3198

This fixes some bugs and adds Launch-on-startup

Dapper now has an optional Dock Icon 2

Build 3199

Adds the capability to show a normal Dock icon. Hold option and keep it held while launching Dapper. Keep holding and answer the questions. 

Say “Yes” tot he Dock Icon question…

Dapper supports foreign characters, improves support for non-standard libraries

Build 3198

This version added functionality to handle some foreign characters better.

Added the capability to select non-standard libraries better.

Added better error reporting.

Dapper notifies you if your DAP disconnects.

Build 3190

Added error checking so that if, in mid-transfer, your DAP si disconnected for some reason, we abort the transfer and alert you to the fact.

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