Dapper is an app that copies your iTunes music and playlists to your Digtal Audio Player. It supports just about any player that allows it’s storage to be seen by your Mac as a drive, either directly or via an app such as SyncMate. You can see a list of DAPs we have tested on the Tested DAPs page, but Dapper works with just about anything that shows up as a disk drive.

A great way to make sure it will work for you - download a copy by clicking the free demo link!

Dapper requires OSX 10.8.5  or above and is available on the Mac App store. We also have demo versions available to download here on our site, and typically those versions are “ahead” of the App Store versions because Apple takes a few weeks to approve and post new versions to the App Store.

If you buy Dapper on the App Store, and run it at least once, then the most recent version here on our site will recognize the fact that you have purchased a license and unlock automagically for you.

You can see whats new at our post on Head-Fi.org.


Dapper can do a lot of things for you from organizing your music (by Artist, Album, Composer, Genre etc). It can strip out foreign characters that confuse some Digital Audio Players, it can creating album artwork and much, much more.

It takes time to copy all these files over to your DAP so we highly recommend starting with just a small subset of your music and playing with the settings; so you get it set up just right. Then add all your music to playlists in the Dapper folder in iTunes and copy the rest.

Below are some specific areas of interest:

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