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Automatically Lock your Mac when you walk away - using a USB device such as a hard token, Bluetooth device Proximity, your Apple Remote a Hotkey etc. Run scripts, applications etc on lock or unlock and optionally unlock your Mac automaticaly when you return. Tons of options and modes.


Dapper is a iTunes -> Digital Audio Player sync tool. It allows you to synchronize your songs and playlists from iTunes into your favorite DAP. Currently we are support FiiO, iBasso, Astell&Kern, HifiMan, Pono and most other mass storage device Digital Audio Players.  If you want us to include your DAP, please encourage your manufacturer to send us a test unit, or submit your specs from our app directly..


Sleepyscreen forces your monitors to sleep after nn minutes of being idle. For those with ThunderBolt displays you will notice a bug in OSX that prevents this. SleepyScreen ressurects proper functionality and saves you power and money as a result


WatchDrift is an app that allows you to monitor your mechanical watches to see how much they gain or loose time... over time. Whenever you adjust the time on your timepiece, you simply enter the current time as shown on your watch in the app, and it determines the difference in seconds between that time and the current computer time, and records it. Now you have a history of your watch's time drift and can determine better when it its time to send it in for service. 


One-tap, lightning fast wireless FTP or native Mac server transfers of pictures and videos direct to your computer! No need to select images or videos, MediaTransfer automatically sends all new files to your computer each time it runs. 


BurnIn allows you to burn in your new headphones, earphones or speakers. It keeps track of the exact burn in time on multiple sets of speakers or headphones. 

BurnIn plays White, Pink or Brown noise samples that are extremely "high quality" 16 Bit Linear PCM samples at 96000 Hz for best frequency coverage. 


Is your iPhone/iPad/iPod microphone enabled cable actually working? You may be surprised to know that the Mic may be dead and you may be using the internal microphone of the device instead.

MiCheck lets you check!


SpacesToggle does exactly what is says - toggles the Spaces/Expose functionality of OSX on/off


SyncRunner is an app launcher used to launch the same app on multiple Macs, where the data file for the app is synced across the Macs. It specifically uses the sync directory to stop multiple copies of the same app being able to run across multiple Macs, thereby having multiple macs not be able to try simultaneously modify the data in the data file.

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