Mebia Mac

One-click, lightning fast wireless transfers of pictures and videos from your iPad or iPhone to your PC or Mac! 

MediaTransfer gives you a simple way to wirelessly transfer the videos and pictures you have taken with your iPhone or iPad to your Mac… 

MediaTransfer Mac to iPhoto:

MediaTransfer Mac transferring to a folder:

* A single tap to upload, on the MediaTransfer iPhone icon. 

* Get reminders when it's time to upload again... and tap the reminder to start transferring from your iPhone. 

* Transfer as fast as your network will allow: On local wireless we consistently get over 15Mbps transfer rates on average and 18Mbps at peaks from our iPhone 4! 

* Direct to your computer: No middle man, and your pictures are never on someone else's server! 

* No limit on your video length or picture sizes!

* All video and picture information embedded by the iPhone (such as Location Data and Orientation) is maintained. 

* Automatically transfers only the pictures or videos that have not already been transferred. 

* One app that works on your iPad and iPhone 

You set up how you want the app to behave and then it's designed to be as simple as possible for the user to start. 

The result: An extremely "significant-other friendly" app. 

Why we created it: 

In looking at some existing solutions to transferring media pictures & videos, we found that one or more of the following was true: 

* You had to select the items you wanted to upload - which is very time consuming. 

* You had to upload via someone else’s server - much, much slower than a direct transfer and puts your pictures & videos on someone else’s computer! 

* With other apps, there may be limits to the lengths of your videos. 

* Some other apps do not retain the things like location, or orientation of your pictures and videos. 

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