MacOS Catalina Info: If you upgraded to macOS Catalina you may have noticed that the new Music app has no "Share library XML with other applications" setting. We have integrated Dapper directly into the new Music app, but Catalina’s new Music App has a lot of outsanding issues. Please click here for more info

Dapper is a iTunes to Digital Audio Player sync tool. It allows you to synchronize your songs and playlists from iTunes into your favorite DAP. Currently we are support FiiO, iBasso, Astell&Kern, HifiMan, Pono and most other mass storage device Digital Audio Players.  You can click here to view all the DAPs we have automatic settings for, but remember, Dapper’s power is in its flexibility to be configured to handle any DAP!

If you want us to include your DAP, please encourage your manufacturer to send us a test unit, or jump to our support site and we’ll help you through it! 

If you need support or have any questions, head over to the Support Section to get answers to your questions.

If you would like to try out Dapper first, click here...

The full manual for Dapper is available by clicking here or you can swing on over to our Tutorial Videos page for quick tips and information on getting the most from Dapper.

Ready to learn more? Take a look at a full runthrough of Dapper with added detail:

Using Dapper with a DAP that shows up as a Disk when you plug it into your Mac:

Using Dapper with an Android based DAP (That shows up only in Android File Transfer):

Using Dapper in Hybrid Android Mode:

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